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Mobile Friendly SEO

There are almost as many smartphones in this world as there are human beings, and soon mobile phones will outnumber us. There has been a tectonic shift in the way people access the internet today. Searching while on the move is not only possible, but also something that thousands of people do on a daily basis. People now use voice recognition features on their smartphones to search for things quickly, and the location awareness of phones also changes how search engines process search queries. Some factors that change for mobile SEO:

  • Use of natural language for search query
  • Location is factored in for every search
  • Preference to websites that are mobile optimized
  • Conversion rates for mobile users are higher than desktop users

Get ahead of the game

With the ever rising number of Smartphones in the world, mobile SEO is here to stay. By not targeting mobile users directly, you may be missing out on thousands of potential customers each month. Mobile SEO services that Daksha SEO offers are fast and affordable, and our experts make sure that your business is optimized for mobile SEO in no time at all.

Our Mobile SEO services includes:

  • Mobile seo strategy
  • Mobile friendly seo
  • Mobile seo optimization
  • Mobile seo marketing
  • Mobile PPC Services

The Mobile SEO services by Daksha SEO give your business the following advantages:

  • Technical Audit of your website to check where it lacks
  • Mobile centric keyword research
  • Content optimization for smart as well as feature phones
  • Meta tag development for greater site optimized
  • Special analytics for mobile users so you can observe user engagement behavior
  • Optimization for all screen sizes and form factors


We offer you a unique combination of local SEO and mobile SEO to give your business the maximum possible advantage. Daksha SEO always makes sure that your business benefits from being online, and our experts will always deliver world class SEO services so that your business grows organically.


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