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The importance of mobile users in internet marketing is growing by the day, and already almost a quarter of the clicks on paid marketing campaigns are being registered on Smartphones and internet enabled handheld devices. It is important to realize that most of the material that you use for internet marketing will not be displayed properly on a mobile device which has a significantly smaller screen than a desktop. This effectively means that you are paying for clicks on your PPC campaign for which you are getting absolutely no return. A mobile centric PPC campaign will not only make the marketing process more efficient for you, it will also improve your return on investment tremendously.

Utilizing the limited screen space

Screen space is at a premium on mobile devices and any ads that you place on your website will have to be scaled down and made mobile friendly. The number of ads on your website will also have to be brought down to a maximum of four of five on the entire webpage and placed at fixed locations instead of floating ads which cause navigation problems on Smartphones.

Taking advantage of lower prices for Mobile PPC

A mobile PPC campaign costs less than similar campaign for the desktop. The click through rate for websites that have mobile optimized websites is also significantly higher than that of desktop ads. Your business should make the most of the advantages that mobile PPC gives and start targeting mobile users in a greater number.

Expert mobile PPC services at Daksha SEO

Daksha SEO specializes in creating PPC campaigns targeted for Smartphone users and our SEO professionals can ensure a rapid and efficient marketing campaign for your brand. Through the use of superior keyword research and location prioritization, we will make sure that your PPC campaign is highly focused and provides you the best results. Don't forget to check our organic mobile friendly seo services as well.


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