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Ten myths to success in SEO

When you are looking for an SEO firm that can push the search engine rankings for your website, you will discover thousands of such companies from all over the world. Every last one of them will promise a lot of things to you, and you must ensure that you are aware of what is possible, and which promises that these companies make to you are just lies and myths. Whether it is regarding what a company can do for you, or it concerns the technology surrounding SEO itself, here are the 10 most common myths surrounding SEO that you should never fall for:

SEO Misconception

  1. Guaranteed success : No SEO company can guarantee you 1st ranking, and certainly no white hat firm can do this job overnight. You might run into companies that claim results within days, or a few weeks. Always know that SEO is a lengthy and ongoing process which sometimes takes months to show even the slightest results.

  2. PR equals ranking : The page rank of your website is a measure of your authority in your domain, and has little to do with your search engine ranking. A website with lower PR can often rank higher, and you need to remember that PR is just one of the factors that is considered while calculating ranking.

  3. 1st rank is critical :While having the top ranking for your domain is great, but do not make it your sole priority. These rankings fluctuate regularly, and a high enough ranking will still get you the desired visitors.

  4. Social is more important than SEO : While not strictly an SEO myth, many SEO firms will try to tell you that social is the most important factor today. Social is great for organic traffic, but it cannot be your only area of focus. Diversify across various mediums for the best results.

  5. Paid SEO influences Organic SEO : This is a myth perpetuated by unscrupulous SEO companies that tell you they can improve your organic rank by placing paid ads on search engines. No leading search engine will ever let advertisements affect their organic rankings.

  6. Backlinks are the only way to success :While link building is useful, natural links will always benefit you more. Search engines can usually tell when a link was generated organically, or whether some favours were exchanged for it.

  7. SEO is the only way for a website to become popular:While SEO does help improve search rankings, you can easily find websites that rank top in their niche and never performed any kind of SEO besides keeping their tags updated, and other recommended website settings

  8. Google Authorized SEO firms : Google never keeps any affiliation with SEO companies. And any company that claims to provide better and faster results because they are authorized by Google is a scam that you should be walking away from.

  9. Keyword cramming : Many people believe that stuffing the website with keywords will get them a high ranking. Always create content that is easy to read and free of error, instead of pushing in keywords that confuse the reader.

  10. SEO is a one time thing: The search engine optimization of your website never stops, and as long as you are publishing new content or launching new services, you will have to invest in SEO. It is a recurring cost, and if done right, your investment pays off manifold

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