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4 Misconceptions about SEO that Still Exists in 2K16

People generally used to ignore the importance of SEO and prefer to put their all focus on social media promotions. They want to quickly gain the business recognition, increase the ROI and drive the maximum traffic. What they forget to realize that even after taking care of all social media marketing activities, SEO is still the much needed process. It acts as a backbone for maintaining the online presence of any business.


SEO has become an important part of every business, but there are several misconceptions that don’t allow people to agree on the same fact. Here we have mentioned all those misconceptions:

SEO is pointless

Did you know that 50% of customers are likely to use the web when they plan to buy something? Yes, it’s true! And it’s the only SEO that can help your business to list in the top Google searches. SEO brings more traffic to your website and convert them into customers. Though it’s a slow process and take time to show the actual results, but once it does, you can avail its benefits in the long run.

A Brick and mortar business doesn’t require SEO

If you think that you can mark a strong presence of your business in a traditional way, you need to think over it again. Nowadays, 90% of people are to turning to Internet to know about your business before they visit you in-person. SEO helps your business to gain the credibility. With SEO, you wouldn’t be able to show the real side of your business and hence, may end up losing thousands of customers.

Keywords stuffing and buying links still works

Gone are the days when people used to buy links for better SEO ranking. Now, Google has become smarter. It has updated its algorithm system and has made the search even better. Hence, if you try to buy the links, Google will eventually find it – and you may get penalize by Google. Remember that search engines are becoming better than it used to be - if you try to fool Google, Google will simply blacklist your business.

Again, there is a big NO to keyword stuffing. It has been noticed that people used to stuff too many keywords to get that keyword on top Google searches, but in doing so; they forget to maintain the content quality. Poor keyword stuffing makes your content to look dull, so anyone who is trying to read your content prefers to ignore it.

PPC is better the SEO

Undoubtedly, PPC provides quick and effective results. It starts providing benefit to your business as soon as your PPC campaign goes live. However, it is important to note that PPC can cost you more in the long run because you have to keep paying every time you get a click from the PPC ad campaign. And there are chances that this cost might also increase due to the bidding system. It means that if you want to keep your ad campaign on top, you may need to pay more than your competitors.

On the other side, SEO is not only cheaper but is more valuable than PPC. It has been noticed that 70% of Internet users are more likely to click on organic ad than a paid listing. SEO is definitely a slow process, but it doesn’t ask you to pay for anything.

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