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There is hardly a better way of jump starting the marketing campaign for your online business than with a well planned PPC campaign. PPC, or Pay per Click, is the popular way of describing all ad campaigns where the advertisement of your company is displayed to thousands of people, but you only pay for the people who click on these ads and reach your website. PPC is a great way of ensuring that your website gets promoted to potentially millions of people, but you are only charged for people who immediately responded to those ads.

Advantages of PPC campaigns

  • Rapid boost in popularity of your service among the desired demographic.
  • Exposure of your brand to thousands of people who are actively seeking your services.
  • Costs are significantly lower than putting out ads in print or electronic media.

The importance of expert PPC Campaign Management

A PPC campaign is more than just signing up for Adwords. While a good part of PPC marketing is integrating Google Adwords with your website and setting up complicated keyword settings for the search terms you wish to target, an expert in PPC campaign management, like Daksha SEO, can help you do so much more.

Daksha SEO will help you with :

  • Setting up Google Adwords for your website.
  • Analyzing your needs and your budget and initiating a PPC campaign that fits both.
  • Setting up advanced tracking and analysis using Google Analytics.
  • Creating separate fields for desktop and mobile users within Google Analytics.
  • Helping you with setting up landing pages, and forms on your website so you can profit from the visitors that the PPC campaign brings to your website.
  • Helping you monitor progress of your PPC campaign and modifying to focus on areas that are proving to be more beneficial for you.

Dakshaseo is a leading Chandigarh based PPC company in India offering Pay Per Click management solutions utilizing Google AdWords & Bing Ads. Our Display team runs Real-Time Bidding projects with DoubleClick and our Analytics specialists provide Google Analytics training, consulting & conversion rate optimization. Check here our packages.


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