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Social media is growing bigger with each passing year and the impact that it has had on online businesses has been unprecedented. No one could have predicted how a service that connected people would one day become one of the biggest medium for online promotion. Today social media websites account for a huge part of the traffic that businesses get today, and businesses like Slate have even revealed that they get greater traffic from social media services than they do from search engine services. You too can give your business the advantage of personal bonding with the customers through the use of social media optimization.

Integrating Social Media

In order to benefit from social media, you will first need a presence on the platforms that you are trying to target. A professional presence is required and a social media expert can help you set up a professional and authentic looking presence. Once the services have been set up, you will need to integrate these services with your website so that you can start to profit from the people who engage with you on these networks. Did you know that a healthy interaction with consumers on social networking services can boost your Google search engine ranking? Daksha SEO will help create and integrate your social media presence with your official presence on the World Wide Web.

Creating your brand

Daksha SEO Chandigarh India based company specializes in social media management and our SMM experts will help create a unique brand for your business. A consistent and unique social brand will help your business become a recognized name in your niche and you will benefit from a greater number of sales and lead conversions once your brand becomes established as a reliable provider of quality services.

Daksha SEO will help you with

  • Setting up a professionally designed presence on social networks
  • Integrating your social presence with your main business website
  • Setting social buttons and cards to create a unified online presence
  • Setting up auto push of social posts every time your website is updated


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