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Pinterest is an incredibly popular social network that focuses on sharing images and marking anything that the user finds worth noting down. The proverbial wall, Pinterest is a place where you pin anything that interests you, and people use it to share images and links to all kinds of things. Over a million people use the service on a daily basis, and despite being a relatively new service, Pinterest has already become a huge source of referral traffic for many websites and even leading services like the Huffington Post have acknowledged that Pinterest is one of their largest sources of traffic.

Enter an exclusive arena

Pinterest is an invite only service and is used by a highly engaged group of users. Sharing useful graphics and images that the Pinterest community likes will ensure that it gets pinned around a lot. These links also get cross posted on other social networks that the user frequents and increases the reach of your brand even more. The unique and highly visual interface of Pinterest has resulted in immense popularity of the service and a meticulously planned and well executed Pinterest marketing campaign can do wonders for your business.

Expert services at Daksha SEO

Daksha SEO always delivers superb search engine optimization services and we understand the huge role that social networking sites now play in the popularity of a website. Our experts will plan, initiate and execute a superb Pinterest marketing campaign on your behalf and they will ensure that you get top notch services.

Daksha SEO will

  • Create a presence for you on Pinterest
  • Optimize your profile on Pinterest and link it to your website
  • Link your Pinterest profile with other social networking services
  • Create or source high quality content which you can share on Pinterest
  • Optimize content, and ensure all account settings are correct
  • Set up analytics tools for the service


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