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Late to the social networking party scene, Google+ may have been slow in acquiring a sizeable member base, but the backing of Google and a clean interface has helped Google+ become one of the most important social networks today. If the brand name of Google was not enough for you to give this social network any importance, the fact that the ranking of your website will be directly affected by your Google+ presence certainly should.

Give your business the advantage of Google Authorship

The Authorship tool that Google has tied up with its search services is making waves, and webmasters all over the world have discovered the immense benefits of tying up a website with its corresponding Google+ presence. The rich search result format that the Google Hummingbird update has unveiled are visually appealing and provide users a lot of information about a website right from the search page. You cannot afford to miss out on the boost that your Google+ profile will provide your website's SER.

Expert Google+ Marketing services at Daksha SEO

Daksha SEO has worked with Google services for close to a decade as a part of our ongoing SEO efforts and our experts are intimately familiar with how Google services work. We will create, optimize and integrate a Google+ presence for your brand and make sure that your business website is linked to it. We will set up the entire Google+ marketing process for you, and ensure that your business does not miss out on the advantages that Google+ can provide.

Daksha SEO will

  • Set up Google+ profile for you
  • Set up a Google+ page for your business
  • Link you and your brand's Google+ pages with your company website
  • Set up Google Authorship
  • Source Content relevant to your business vertical
  • Connect your Google+ presence with influential personalities of your industry vertical


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