Lead Based Marketting

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When a customer walks into a retail store, it is highly probable that the costumer turns into a consumer. These customers are known as leads, who can be converted into consumers. Lead based marketing in the world of internet works on the same principle. The website generates the sales leads for your business. Like the walk-in customers, these online sales leads are highly potential of getting converted into sales. These possibilities are often mentioned as organic leads. In Daksha SEO, we offer you a lead based marketing by means of a planned mixing of SEO and PPC services. A lead is any individual who visits your lead capture page and fills the enquiry form. This lead can be followed up because he has filled in his contact details.

How Daksha SEO works with Lead Based Marketing?

Phase 1

Defining cost and quality of the leadsThis is the most important phase. We design a search-friendly lead capture page where the leads would sign-up to get more information. The page is advertised and optimized on a low scale. This helps us to give you an idea about the cost of lead engendering and accretion. Phase 1 also helps in analyzing the quality of the leads and modifies the lead based marketing maneuver as needed.

Phase 2 :

Final rollout

After the successful completion of phase 1, roll out a larger, full- fledged lead based marketing maneuver to acquire leads. This includes:

Paid ads on Google, Facebook and Twitter etc

We use the perfect keywords for your business, to help you leads that you want.

SEO services

By our strong SEO services we make sure that your lead capturing page gets a high ranking on all the major search engines.

Email Marketing :

we have accumulated a large database of double opt-ins over a long period. We use this database to send emails so as to generate leads wherever appropriate.

Affiliate Marketing

we have a whole lot of affiliate websites, partners in various demographics and various groups of interests for diverting traffic onto your landing page.


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