Email Marketing

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If you thought that emails were obsolete and no longer effective as a marketing medium, you could not be more wrong. There is no better way of promoting your new and existing services than email marketing. Marketing experts have been saying for years that money is in the list, and this is true even today. A well built list of email addresses is a powerful tool and can help you contact users directly and the benefits of email marketing campaigns are also at par with PPC campaigns, if not higher, and these campaigns cost a lot less than PPC campaigns.

Building a list

Email marketing allows you to target specific users and advertise to them. It is important however that these people have given their consent to be contacted by you, or you may end up being listed as a company that partakes in spamming activities. Building a list of email addresses that you can legally contact is a complicated task and Daksha SEO will help set up the entire list building process for you.

Creating an email marketing campaign

Daksha SEO will help you start your email marketing campaign and we will set up all the tools that you will need to send bulk emails to your list. Our email marketing experts will also create multiple templates for the different kind of services you can advertise. Daksha SEO will set up dynamic newsletters for your company and create special email templates for discounts and deals that you want to offer to your existing customers. Our complete email marketing services will ensure that you start generating invaluable leads in no time.

  • Expert set up of email capturing tools
  • Professional installation of email sending tools
  • Analytics and tracking tools integration for all sent emails
  • Efficient and cost effective email marketing services


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