Pay Per Click(PPC)

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Pay per Click is an advertising concept on the internet used to divert traffic to the websites, in which the publishers get paid by the advertisers when the ad is clicked, usually through an advertising platform. In order to have their ads clicked, the advertisers bid on specified keywords, hence it is also referred to as keyword advertising. Most of the content websites charge a fixed price per click instead of using a bidding system. PPC advertisements also called banner ads are displayed on the websites and search engine results with associated content, having agreed to show ads. Pay per click advertising can only be successful if the bid is on the right keywords. PPC advertising can be really profitable if it is done in a correct manner, but in order to get successful, one needs to know the right keywords which could get the best results. Pay-Per-click marketing is a great way to get traffic when you do not feature high on a search engine page for the keywords you want.

  • Paid search ads are clicked more often than other forms of digital advertising, as they are more likely to offer products that fulfil the needs of the searcher.
  • Better targeting of keywords is possible with pay per click advertising
  • Sponsored ads are placed at the very top of the search page, hence the chances of your business getting noticed are the greatest.

PPC Services at Dakshaseo Creating PPC campaigns requires an in-depth understanding of how your business works and what keywords people may use to look for your business. Dakshaseo specializes in creating an online marketing campaign that takes into account the needs of your brand, the people it is trying to target, and factors in all the information uncovered during our research into your business.


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