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People generally used to ignore the importance of SEO and prefer to put their all focus on social media promotions. They want to quickly gain the business recognition, increase the ROI and drive the maximum traffic. What they forget to realize that even after taking care of all social media marketing activities, SEO is still the much needed process. It acts as a backbone for maintaining the online presence of any business.
The race for getting maximum number of likes on Facebook is one of the most difficult and daunting tasks for every page admin. With over 30 billion posts updated on Facebook every month, it has become actually challenging to seek the attention of maximum audience.
Unlike conventional marketing, the method of digital marketing involves the promotion of any product or service through the use of digital media primarily, the internet and other associated channels. The associated channels include instant messaging, mobile apps, electronic billboards, podcasts, wireless testing and television or radio. It has many advantages over traditional marketing like cost […]
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