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Want to get the word out about your business? A press release is a great way to create a pool of relevant information about your company and then ensure that any media or journalism agency can get access to it. A press release is accessible by journalists and blogger from all over the world and it can help you generate a buzz about your service. The biggest advantage of creating a press release is that you control the information it contains. Any service or product that you want to focus on can be made the center of the press release. Journalists use press releases to write articles, and a well written and professionally edited Press release will ensure that a greater number of people take interest in your company. Bloggers in your niche often search through press releases of the day to find out topics to write about. A well written press release will open up immense opportunities for your business and provide you free promotion.

The advantages of getting a press release for your service

  • Reach out to journalists and professional bloggers who write about your industry
  • Get SEO benefits and acquire high quality backlinks for your website
  • Launch multiple Press release of individual services for greater effect

Expert Press Release Writing Services at Daksha SEO

Writing a press release is an art. A strict format needs to be followed, and the write-up needs to be engaging and easy to read. At the same time the press release needs to be SEO optimized so that your website benefits from it. Daksha SEO employs expert writers who will create a professional press release for you and ensure that they contain every last bit of information that you want included. We guarantee originality, well structured and error free content for all our writing services.


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