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Though often used interchangeably, an article and a blog are not the same thing. Apart from the obvious difference in length of content, an article is always written formally and in a professional manner. A blog on the other hand can be written in a lighter tone and can be about any topic; even trivial non business related ones. An article by comparison, is always about a technical subject and is used as a way to discuss a topic in detail. As a business, you want to post blogs when the topic you are discussing is formal, but you should only use an article when you need to expertly discuss a sensitive topic that is deeply connected with your industry.

Expertise is essential in article writing

Article writing is vastly different from blog and other kinds of creative writing processes. The flow of language is severely restricted and it is vital that the writer always uses the terms that are accepted as standard by the industry. The focus of an article is not on simplicity, but rather on expertise. If someone reads an article, it is because they belong to that industry and are aware of the technicalities of the vertical. Therefore, it is vital that every article you post on your website or on another service should be of the highest quality.

Expert article writing services at Daksha SEO

Daksha SEO employs highly skilled article writer who will carefully and meticulously analyze your business, its working and terminology, and create outstanding articles which you can post anywhere on the internet with utmost confidence. Get the services of experienced, technically sound and highly qualified article writers who will always ensure that you get original, high quality and well researched articles that make your company come across as an expert in its domain.


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