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In SEO, you will often hear the phrase "Content Is King". For decades, search engine services have tweaked their algorithms and introduced hundreds of ranking factors in an effort to make their search results more useful and relevant. New factors keep getting added and older factors are eliminated or reduced in relevance, and yet in all this time the importance of content has remained unchanged. All the design and functionality in the world cannot make up for poor content. When a user lands on your website, he is looking for information. If you are able to provide him this information in a well presented manner, your search engine rank will naturally improve.

The importance of being original

Use of copied content on your website will negatively impact its search engine ranking. Search engines, and Google in particular, frown upon plagiarism and discourage copied and unoriginal content. Even the use of slightly modified content (spin-off) is advised against since it does not provide any use to the visitor. Daksha SEO provides content marketing services that will meet all your content related needs. We provide writing services for:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Press Release
  • Infographics
  • Copywriting

Expert Content Marketing Services at Daksha SEO

Writing is not easy, and while most people think that they can create content for their website on their own, the content is usually of low quality and has also not been checked for originality. You may be inadvertently posting duplicate content on your website and harming your brand without even realizing. Daksha SEO will provide you well written and error free content that has been extensively checked for plagiarism. Our expert writers will make sure that the content on your website, as well as other areas, is professionally written, uses technical terms relevant to your industry, and is attractive.


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