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Why Benchmarking of your Website is Important before SEO?

Benchmarking your site’s performance helps you know the current status of your website and compare improvements over time. It is important to track the site performance for a successful strategy. This is why we always spend our precious time to benchmark your site performance before taking a step ahead in planning a SEO strategy. Benchmarking helps us to analyze where your website currently stands and how long it will take to get better SEO ranking.

When it is done properly, it can help to choose the right SEO campaign for building the brand reputation of your business. For instance, it may help you know the total number of pages that generates traffic and if the number is less, you can focus on SEO elements that can help you increase this numbering.

Here we have mentioned few elements that need to be kept in mind for the successful benchmarking of a website:

Total Pages Indexed by Google

This is one of the most important elements to be taken into consideration while benchmarking your site’s performance. Simply go to the search bar and enter the web URL “site:” and enter the search button. This will help you know all the web pages indexed by Google.

Now you must be wondering why it is important to know the total number of indexed pages.

Well, this step helps you look and analyze your website carefully. It may help you check if there is any duplicate page or web page with poorly written content that hasn’t been considered by Google. Also, you can see how your website overall looks on Google. All in all, it gives you rough analysis of your website so that you can make a strategy to ensure the proper indexing of your web pages.

Organic and Referral Visits

Google analytics help you know how many people are visiting your website and from where they’re coming. This much information helps you know if the future SEO campaign will bring more traffic to your website, and how many referral visits you’ll get from your SEO strategies.

Analysis of Social Media Presence

Have you created the official account of your business on social media sites, such as Facebook? If yes, it’s wise to have an analysis of social media presence, such as, how many followers you’ve; how many likes you get on every post you share and is your content shared by your followers. This much information can help you determine the success rate of content you write for your target audience. The time you start keeping these little things in mind, you will start noticing a change in the SEO ranking of your website.

Number of Ranked Keywords

Check how many keywords are coming in top 10 of Google searches. You can either use a tool to do it or do it manually. Hopefully, the next SEO strategy will help you increase this numbering over time. However, if it remains constant or you see a fall in ranking – you know that you’re not on right track and you need to change the SEO strategy ASAP.

Benchmarking these points is mandatory for the successful tracking of SEO performance. Confused? Let’s get connected and work for building the right SEO strategy.

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