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Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO A Comprehensive and Elaborate Comparative Storyboarding

While structuring comparative analysis between mobile and desktop SEO; it is commented and affirmed by experts that there are numerous basic elements of mobile based SEO that are similar to desktop versions. However there are certain varying components too that require to magnify and strengthen search signals for mobile devices. Let’s understand this concept elaborately.

The identical SEO factors for both mobile and desktop are rich and effective content, a backlink portfolio and relevant keyword optimization. But the factors that are markedly different and unique for mobile-based SEO applications are Local listings optimization, Apple and Google Maps, Voice search (read Siri) and Mobile web presence.

Local Listing Optimization:

This method operates exclusively effectually for industries that have small competitive mass in the commercial sphere, yet is frequently unnoticed as a promotional opportunity.  Such as a B2B vendor, Spec-Clean relishes first spot underneath the paid search ads and above traditional organic search outcomes due to the work it has used to enhance the local listings and credentials.  

Apple and Google Maps

Both Apple and Google maps are counted in comScore’s top ranking 25 mobile apps in the United States by unique guests; who are above 18 years of age. This situational and directional data is regularly utilised primarily on mobile-based applications. It is commonly seen that people irrespective of need use mobile maps (Google or Apple) to look and explore places while driving and travelling. In fact mobile devices are endowed with capacity of updating the map software regularly. Though local listing optimisation is inevitable but certain twists and manoeuvres are always essential in Google Maps via Google Map Maker and Apple Maps via Apple Maps Connect.

Voice Search

On iOS platform, the voice search programme i.e. Siri is a remarkable and innovative facility. It is an exclusive concept of hands free searching on mobile devices, primarily used for local search and locational information. 

Mobile Web Presence

Now, it is a complete myth that practices without mobile-oriented web presence are minor and ineffective commercially. There are plenty of medium or large enterprises that strictly work on desktop-based formats and has expanded commercially over the years. Google endorses an approachable web design that reverts to the multiple strategies and tools, used by all such as desktop, tablet and phone, etc. In order to accomplish the mobile web presence strategy seamlessly and successfully; Google has presented and documented a series of guidelines and useful tips for quality testing.

In a nutshell, mobile SEO applications are vividly different from traditional desktop based ones and if a user wishes to extract the best out of it and yield optimum result; it is always advisable to use and apply mobile SEO applications in businesses and practices. 

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