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Listings Sites: 3 most common SEO problems

The listing sites come up with few very specific groups of problems that you do not find everywhere else. By listing sites, I mean sites with classic listings like Craigslist but there are certain other sites operating as listing sites, for instance:


Quality Landing Pages

Do you ever wonder why your listing site cannot compete with big and top listing sites? The problem is at the very start of your website and that is your landing page. A quality landing page is very important I you need that your website too have some visitors.

For listing sites, you can never have a similar landing page. They keep generating. As if I searched Jobs in Delhi and next time I searched Jobs in Chandigarh, a common site will have two different landing pages. What exactly should you do for quality then? Here is the answer:

Do not handover the low-value pages to search engines as landing pages and keep the best landing pages in a top-level menu. Your searchable landing pages should have a good internal linking and bringing categories for the ease of user is another best thing here.

Don't let user generated Content cannibalize your landing pages

You should avoid the points if you own an ecommerce site with their own products listed. Other than that, those listing sites that let users to generate the content, you should be careful of visitors creating pages with content and titles, cannibalizing your top landing pages. The best way to stop this is to create structured titles. Set the different

Constant Expiring Content

The content user has generated does not last forever. Specifically on listing sites, the content is expiring and changing constantly. The best thing to do with expired content is 301 redirection. You should have a message on that expired page for user that why you are redirected to this page. Redirection comes out as best way for search engine optimization.

They are major issue that all website onwer face. For more details talk to our indian SEO specialist and avoid negative impact on search engine.

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