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How to Make Landing Pages more Engaging

When any of customer search for a website or search anything by any link then the first page which open first is called landing page. It is also called home page of a website. These Landing pages are the first page that impresses your customers towards your products, your work, terms and conditions and many more things. These pages are not easy to change into casual/normal browsers.

If the landing pages of your website are not encouraging, your costumers and they are driving away then try these strategies to increases the value of the landing page.

Never Create Single Landing Page

The first important thing is never create only one single landing page always creates multiple and specific page which customized different and particular visitors. These pages will provide correct information in a right way. Basically, a landing page is work as a bridge between an advertisement and social media. Information from the website tailored according to the need of visitor. More you altered your landing pages in correct manner, more you provide the information then more your website will engage. If visitors visit on site by identifiable sources then the landing page will be special for them also, it must be considered.

Modify Landing Page

Once custom pages are created for different kind of groups then Optimization of any landing page is not over. For improving, the website considers the split tests for individual landing pages. These split test helps to compare the effectiveness of any two websites. For more effectiveness modify the landing page randomly for visitors and investigate further. Some of modification includes:

  • Headlines on landing pages
  • Images
  • Benefits of using the site
  • Background with different color, font, size and images

Try all these modifications first and then see the experimental results. Splitting test is very easy and show maximum positive results with respect to website.

Videos in Landing Pages

In landing pages, you can add videos. If your website does not get good results of different experiments then you can try a different idea like landing page of videos. In this type of landing page texts are not using but videos are present. However, the rates of this engagement are higher than the texts. By this method, more of visitors will be captured towards the sites easily. The easiest way to prepare the video are on the webcam or phone camera and elaborate all the information & give introduction about the site also. Then upload the video on the landing page. It brings less time, more effective work and more impressive for visitors also. This way of introduction show very elegancy to the visitors and they must be visit for long time on the website.

During this experiment, the video will be to the point. Most important to explain the positive things about the site and then explain benefits that visitor or customer will get from your site. The most effective thing in explanation will be the benefit of your visitor on your website.

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