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Do You Think Social Media Helps You In Ranking?

If technically visualized,  social media are not listed as a search engine, but not utilizing the services of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, is keeping oneself from a vast ocean of information, as these sites have content comparable to a search engine. Sites like Twitter also allow refining of searches via a filter.

What SEO revolve around?

  • SEO revolves mainly around the thought processes of Google and although various other search engines are available, for instance Yahoo, Bing, none can surpass or even match up to the search results rendered by Google. Social media searches, however, quite frequently feature in Google’s top searches. For instance, looking up a person’s name on Google would immediately open up various links to a Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
  • However, with the conflicting notion about whether or not social media contribute to search engine traffic, it is not given its due importance. Social media can actually be considereda search engine in itself. As a marketing policy, it is to be borne in mind to not neglect social searches.

Cutting out the contradiction

  • Despite the contradiction, I feel, social media influence can get you higher on the rank list. Simply put, Google ranks the website higher if it considers you as a credible source. The number of link backs received on the social site estimates this. Of course, unfortunately, this can be misinterpreted by several dubious spam links on the site, which is referred to a negative SEO.
  • A social media page or a tweet with relevant uncommon keywords could generate a good amount of traffic on the website as they are listed through SEO. Social sharing helps create site links and the link backs your site receives.

The prime focus is not only to focus on high quality content, and keywords, but also to work on your social media marketing company influence for it to relate to more masses. Thus, for a successful ranking, you must accept that effective seo services is actually an intertwined venture with content marketing and social media, and none of them is capable of functioning solitarily in climbing the ranking rungs.

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