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Dealing with Exit Rates and Bounce Rates

Something very heart breaking and shocking to a web merchant owner is that people visiting your site and only spending a minute or even less than that, returning without ordering anything. If you have a thought that this must not be happening to you and you must overcome this serious business issue then let us look at the terms- bounce rate and exit rate closely.

What is bounce rate?

Simply, it is the percentage of visitors visiting your website and returning from it within a minute or so, without opening any other page of your website. This is the reasons why some people call bounces as one-page sessions.

What is exit rate?

People come to your website, open several pages in same session and then leave the website. These people producing a percentage is exit rate of the website.

So now, you have a slight idea of what are we going to talk about further. Below are some effective tips to deal with exit and bounce rates.

An Appealing Website

Sometimes, you can easily find the reason for high exit and bounce rate. Just visit your website and you will have the idea of why people are not finding it worth spending money. There must be an attractiveness in the website through the user interface. It helps in SEO services as well as convert the website visitors into your potential customers.

Keep everything easy to Find

The second thing after the website appearance is ease of access. You might have some friends who would never have visited your website. Tell them to go and find something on your website. Ask them how easy it was finding the options. This is how you can know how easy people are finding to search something on your website. If it is not easy then you might want to redesign the website.

Engaging Content

If you know the SEO services, then you might also be aware of the fact that- ‘Content is King’. Yes, it is the king of a website. Those exit and bounce rates have a lot of influence of the content quality. If it is interesting only then you can expect someone to spend some time on your website. Read your content yourself as a visitor. If the content nonsensical in any way, then change it. We are expert SEO india company in india can help you with that.

Website traffic source

It is also one of the most important things to worry about as a website owner. You might have seen links on different websites as topics. You see a topic of your interest but when you click on it, you are redirected to an entirely different place. That is awkward and you immediately leave the page. Such high bounce and exit rate pages never stand anywhere. Make sure you check your source links and make them genuine. Only then you can normalize your bounce and exit rates.

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