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Why India is the best outsourcing for your SEO business

The internet and telecom revolution has reached at another level in India. The country is about to become world’s third largest internet consumer soon. The growth of internet is also complementing other industries in India. The internet penetration is around 15 percent of the population as of now and many reports indicate that India will have 500 million internet users by the end of this decade.  If you are entrepreneur, start up owner or MNC official, these numbers should excite you about future of your business in India. One has easy access to market with purchasing power of 500 million people. But how these people can access your business or services? The answer is ‘Search Engine Optimization.’

India is second largest market for search engines after the United States because it is banned in China. Search giants such as Google and Yahoo are ready with grand strategies for India. One definitely wants their start up to feature in search results of user which may become a customer.  First step is to find Outsourcing SEO company in India, India’s Silicon Valley.

Thousands of words and content written on the company website is useless if no one is going to read it or make use of it. Sharing links of particular page to drive traffic will limit the reach and not that efficient. SEO is best way to generate organic traffic and ensure that website is doing what it supposed to do.  Perfect SEO Company will optimize your website for search engines. These professionals format content in a way that Google’s bots recognize it and add it to the search result. This also means lower spending on online advertisement because your brand is appearing out there organically.

We also advises its client to run blogs and articles about their products and services. This informs search engines that the website is constantly producing fresh content and worth keeping in the search results. These SEO blogs and articles can also appear in the individual product searches and queries. Google, being the largest search engine is the driver of traffic to many websites. Researchers have also revealed that many users do not type full URLs of the website but Google them. Your business is gone for toss forever if it is not appearing in that search list.

Another reason to invest in good SEO is increasing mobile internet users in India. This is not even limited to few urban centres but rural India too. 2G networks are already providing many services to rural customers while 3G and 4G are giving advance service to urban India. So in the age of technology, SEO is must use tool for business growth, no matter what the business is. Even government of India is launching various mobile platforms to provide services to people.

Most of start-ups and news businesses in India are internet based. Just beware that if you are not opting for SEO then your competitor is and that is going to make huge difference. 

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