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7 Facts to Get Better Performance from Mobile Search

All kind of purchases now are a part of mobile phones. With so much influence of smartphones in gadget market, mobile SEO is making more consumers than before. Below are the nine points about mobile SEO services to impact on search visibilities that will help you in putting best mobile campaigning plan.

Mobile Search is Key in Consumer decision Journey

There was an in-depth research conducted by the giants- Microsoft Research and IPSOS to understand how far the people are going with smartphones. Results came something like that people were using smartphones from start of searching a product to all the way to checkout for shopping.

Understanding better, we needed a survey and for that, a group of 120k users, searching similar thing on PC and smartphone, were tracked. Shockingly, the mobile devices were in use by 10 to 22 percent people searched on PC but bought on mobile itself. Now as an advertiser, you should understand how quickly the consumers are walking from PC to mobile and then should respond appropriately.

Location Does Matters

It has been in papers from Nielsen’s 2014 digital consumer report that 76 percent mobile shoppers actually used their mobile to locate a local store for visiting and purchasing something. In simple words, every 3 out of 4 purchases from mobile search actually happen in physical stores.

“Shop Local” is what they call it, when it comes to mobile search. Mobile searchers are often ready to buy from a local business searched by them on mobile phone. Advertisers should look out in their ROI to find mobile searchers count purchasing in-store.

70% conversions take place in 5 hours of mobile search

The fascinating story is that the “mobile capability” of mobile phones make users come closer to purchase point very quickly. Explaining this is a fact that, the AVERAGE TIME TAKEN FROM SEARCHING TO BUYING in Bing PC users was in weeks, whereas in Bing mobile users was in hours.

The mobile queries are most importantly shortening the conversion cycle and giving you the profit. In fact, Microsoft Research amaze with the fact that 30 percent people with a smartphone and 25 percent with a tablet make purchase within an hour.

Mobile Searches driving many type of conversions

Advertisers should also check for cross-channel leads and buys for calculating full mobile search campaign ROI.

Phone calls: Two-Third that means 61 percent of people have given data that click-to-call is quite an important phase of shopping procedure. The advanced Analytic tools for tracking click to call can give advertisers lea in ROI calculations from Phone calls.

Store Visits and Buying: The in-store shopping is what more mobile-users love. So there should be no fear in advertisers for this phenomenon. 25 percent of those taking assistance of mobile search in shopping spend more time in-store than those who do not.

Being First Matters here

While talking about the PCs, though ad position is an important factor but on a small screen size of mobile devices, where only one or two ads are visible at a time, it becomes really-really important.

In order to improve your mobile ranking,

  • Improve the keyword relevance
  • Test the headlines, offers and ad copies to see which one gives best ad performance
  • To boost the bids, you can use the bid modifiers, where at particular you have relevant ads.
  • Test the mobile site you have, or the landing page you have for mobile searches. Make sure it has smooth functionality and everything else, like buttons, forms etc is working well.

Smartphone Local searches outpace PC Across 55+

We clearly can see at all the surveys and reports from search engines that local searches coming from mobile searches leave behind PC-based local search up to 55+ category. This line implies nothing but that you must have a mobile-ready website for your business to have more local searchers, meaning more potential customers.

Mobile searchers want Local Results

Mobile consumers always eye for local results. They expect results to be within the range of 5 miles from them. That is why they want to take immediate action over it. Unfortunately, very few searchers get results from 5 miles or below. To capitalize on this,

  • Promote your location as well as neighbourhood so that you can get user falling under the radius of 5 miles.
  • For mobile searchers in the radius of 25 miles or below, offer deals like “free local delivery” or “delivery on same day”. These are the best effective ways to promote locally.
  • For searchers who are beyond 25 miles range, give offers like, “free shipping” or you can try “next day shipping”.

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