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10 things to stay clear of to avoid lower search engine ranking in 2016

A lot of SEO companies have spawned these days that claim to give you high search engine rankings. In fact, some of them even guarantee that your search rankings will improve in the Google search results. But the truth is that even Google doesn’t guarantee anything. Most of these companies are there to take money from you but they do not provide the desired results. SEO is definitely not a cakewalk. It is possible to get better positioned but you cannot do it using the devious and unethical means. Here are top 10 SEO traps that you should definitely avoid in 2016 if you do not want to lose the rankings.


  1. Link building: in the beginning of 2015, a top Google executive had said that link building is unnatural and the webmasters must avoid it. As long as the link building is being done naturally, it will not affect the rankings. However, paid linking can lead to troubles.


  1. Anchor Text: If you want the best SEO results, it is best that you avoid the anchor texts. If done naturally and ethically it may give good results. However, trying to be deceptive or manipulative can cause delisting of your website from Google search results.


  1. Link profiling for specific pages: Again, link profiling done deceptively to fool the algorithms of Google is definitely not a good idea and must be avoided in 2016. Evaluate your links by using the Webmasters account before taking any steps.


  1. Mobile unfriendly: responsive websites are definitely going to be better ranked in 2016 than the ones which are not. Therefore, make sure that your website is mobile friendly or you will lose the ranking on the search engines.


  1. Lower engagement: if you want your site to have better SEO, it will be important to engage the audience in 2016. Failing to do so will also result in bad search results in Google. Use the new tools for user engagement.


  1. Unsatisfactory user experience: The amount of time user spends on your site usually determines its experience. Therefore, make sure that your users have a good experience if you want better ranking in the search results.


  1. Bad content: Google wants you to add more value to the visitors. Therefore, the quality of your content has to be high to rank better in the search results. Make it a point in 2016 to improve the quality of your content.


  1. Low content: Not only the quality but also the volume of the content that will play an important role in 2016 for better SEO. Therefore, make sure that your website has a lot of content so that it ranks better in the search results.


  1. Interstitial ads: If your site is popping up unwanted ads that are blocking the view and resulting in bad user experience, it is almost guaranteed that 2016 will see the decline in the ranking. So get rid of the ads for better SEO.


  1. Violating guidelines: understanding and implementing the guidelines of Google Webmaster will be extremely important in 2016.

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